About the Author

 Paulina Brown is a southern California resident and mother of two smart, beautiful children. Paulina Brown never dreamed of being a children's book author, she stumbled upon writing one summer in 2010, when she decided to write a story for her son, Evan. Paulina and her son enjoyed the story so much that another story was written and then another. Soon after, Paulina's stories took a turn, it was then that rhymes were druming though her head. With much resistance to writing rhyming stories and trying her hand at drawing, several stories were written and The Evanator Stories were born. The Evanator Stories are what Paulina calls her largest collection of children's stories featuring a young boy and his scuffy puppy. 


Most of Paulina's training has been in the field of acting. For years Paulina fought fears of speaking and worked hard to overcome many challenges. Paulina is best known for her theatre acting including plays such as Anna in the Tropics, Stone Soup, Babes in Arms (yes, she even experimented with musical theatre and singing), Picasso at the Lapin Agile, along with several others. Paulina's been seen in a handful of commercials and TV shows such as Bold and the Beautiful, Air America and Mike Hammer.


These days Paulina still has big dreams but prefers a kinder way of life, laughing with her kids, walking their dog, and visiting schools to read to all the awesome students and teachers that she feels fortunate to meet.